Elektrodiesel – Summer Sessions #4: A Circle Squared LP+CD+DL out now!

The final chapter in Elektrodiesel’s “Summer Sessions” tetralogy is available in a limited edition of 234 copies, including LP pressed on 180 gram black vinyl, CD with bonus tracks, download card for all tracks, and folded insert, all housed in a screen printed sleeve.

A super limited “blackened” edition of only 16 copies is also available, featuring screen printed black on black sleeve and extra bonus CD-R with the remaining tracks from the session.

There are also 5 test pressings in screen printed purple on purple sleeves. These are not for sale.

Buy LP+CD+DL or DL only via Bandcamp

OHM Records 4.4 ohm / Synesthetic Recordings SYRE 044

LP tracks:
#4.1 (18:10)
#4.2 (13:52)

Bonus CD tracks:
#4.3 (26:00)
#4.4 (47:27)

Extra bonus CD-R tracks*:
#4.5 (18:19)
#4.6 (24.42)

* Only available with the “blackened” edition and not included in download.

Gudmund Fjermestad: drums
Asbjørn Iversen: lead guitar
Helge Lyberg: guitar, baritone guitar and electronics
Espen Jensen: bass guitar, guitar, keyboard and synth

Tord Fjermestad: recording tech and engineer
Vidar Evensen: audio advice and mastering

Recorded in the Revolver basement in Oslo on a cold Sunday afternoon, February 2016

Cover concept and design by Espen Jensen
Layout and graphics by Bjørn Kjetil Johansen
Cover screen printed by Kjetil D Brandsdal at Drid Machine